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Could GM pigs soon provide vital organ donations?

A shortage of organs available transplants is a well-known challenge within modern medicine. But scientists are one step closer to solving that problem after making a major breakthrough with organs from animals. An initial obstacle for xenotransplantation has been removing the threat of viruses from the animal in questions DNA. However, new research has opened […]

Debate: Is it ever acceptable for doctors to go on strike?

Whether you’re working in the medical industry, training to join the sector, or are a member of the public you could hardly fail to notice the doctor strikes that occurred in 2016. The junior doctor strikes over contracts caused disruption to non-emergency services and some argued that it placed additional pressure on resources, placing patient […]

Debate: Should contraceptives be given to under 16?

There are numerous debates raging on contraceptives but one of the most important ones is whether they should be freely available to those under the age of 16. As someone in the medical profession, where do you stand on the argument? In the UK all contraceptives are provided free and confidentially, even if the patient […]

Debate: Should euthanasia be considered acceptable?

The subject of assisted suicide and euthanasia is highly controversial both in medical circles and the wider population. Advocates on both sides of the debate make a compelling argument supporting their viewpoint, but how does the medical profession view euthanasia? In the UK both euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal, but the debate has recently […]

Debate: Should the NHS fund treatment for smokers?

With the NHS facing budget issues and rising costs to ensure it has the necessary resources and staff in place to efficiently care for its patients, it should be no surprise that cuts to treatment are being proposed. Among the more radical proposals put forward is stopping NHS treatment for conditions that are considered to […]

Does the beginning of gene editing hail a new sector for medicine?

Last year marked the start of medical teams in the US undertaking experiments in gene editing. With scientists around the world pushing boundaries with the latest research, it’s almost inevitable that gene editing will become commonplace within the medical world. Chinese researchers first announced that they would begin editing human genes back in 2015 and […]

How is the intelligent iKnife transforming surgery?

The innovative iKnife was developed a few years but it’s still making big waves within the industry and is set to continue having an impact on how surgeries are conducted. The revolutionary knife tells surgeons immediately whether the tissue they are cutting though is cancerous or healthy tissue. Researchers at Imperial College London found that […]

The guide to the incoming new national exam for medical students

If you’ve been keeping up to date with medical education news, you could not miss the announcement that the exams medical students sit are going to be changes in a few years. The national exam would change the way doctors are trained and could have a significant impact on the numbers that pass, procedures, and […]

Understanding the different medical school teaching styles

Each medical school in the UK has its own way of teaching its students and helping them build the skills they need. Which one best matches your personal learning style will vary and there are pros and cons to each option. Picking out the right one for you can help you achieve your full potential […]

Understanding the different organisations in UK medical sector

There are so many different organisations involved in the UK medical sector that it can be confusing to understand what each of them does, what they’re responsible for, and the influence they have. If you’re baffled by the number of organisations, we’ve taken a look at eight of the most prominent to give you a […]