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How IoT can be used in a medical setting

Technology has already transformed the medical sector and it’s set to revolutionise it even further. The internet of things (IoT) is being adopted across a huge number of industries and medicine is no different. It’s next-generation technology that’s already being used in some medical settings around the world, but its use and influence is set […]

Debate: Is the organ donation opt out system ethical?

With long organ donation lists and patients being put at risk, an opt out system is being hotly debated in the UK. At the beginning of the year, MPs backed a landmark bill that would introduce an opt out organ donation process, paving the way for it to be an approach that’s adopted in the […]

Debate: Should medical cannabis be more readily available?

There’s being a growing movement towards more patients accessing medical cannabis around the world but in the UK it’s still something of a taboo subject. But with a growing body of evidence in support of using marijuana for a range of conditions, should it be more readily available for patients. Cannabis based drug Sativex was […]

Debate: Should partners ever be informed of potential health risks?

Medical advancements mean there’s now a much greater understanding of how conditions are spread from person to person – and while treatment is also progressing, there are still many conditions that can’t be cured. This leaves professionals with a dilemma – when they know that a partner of a patient is at risk of a […]

Debate: Should medical researchers by exploring stem cell treatments

As with many new areas of medicine, stem cell research is being hotly debated. It’s numerous potential benefit to further medical science are being tempered with ethical concerns. As stem cell research becomes even more prominent in a variety of medical fields, the debate is set to increase. Stem cells are those cells that are […]

Perfecting your personal statement

The personal statement is often the hardest part of the medical school application. Here are some tips from UniMed’s expert, Olivia Szepietowski, about starting and perfecting your personal statement.

Why do you want to study medicine at University?

Often the most difficult question during an interview for a UK Medical School is “why do you want to study medicine?”. It sounds simple but it is often the downfall of an otherwise strong candidate. UniMed’s expert, Olivia Szepietowski, addresses some approaches to this question.