Olivia Szepietowski describes one key idea to make yourself stand out from other applicants in medical school applications and interviews: starting your own Medical Society!

Work experience is vital for any medical school application; here are some tips by Olivia Szepietowski on how to get it!

The importance of applying to the right medical school FOR YOU cannot be overestimated. Make sure you know which teaching method is best for your style of learning.

The personal statement is often the hardest part of the medical school application. Here are some tips from UniMed’s expert, Olivia Szepietowski, about starting and perfecting your personal statement.


It’s extremely important to have a sound understanding of what is going on in the medical community when you go to an interview. This video will show you how to keep up to date and how to use it.



Often the most difficult question during an interview for a UK Medical School is “why do you want to study medicine?”. It sounds simple but it is often the downfall of an otherwise strong candidate. UniMed’s expert, Olivia Szepietowski, addresses some approaches to this question.

How to succeed at UK Medical School Interviews

  • The types of interview you can encounter
  • The types of questions you can be asked
  • How to prepare at different stages before the interview