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Debate: Is universal healthcare the best option?

A healthcare system that is free at the point of delivery has been a part of the UK for decades and it’s often a part of the culture that’s showcased. But recently, there’s been a growing debate around whether the NHS is the best way to meet the demand for healthcare while ensuring standards are […]

The basics you need to know about junior doctor contract changes

From October 2016, new doctors in England were given a rewritten employment contract from their predecessors. Affecting a vast range of areas, from how much doctors can expect to get paid to whether they can switch specialties later in their career, it’s a controversial shake-up that sparked protests across the country. But what effect does […]

Your guide to medical specialities in the NHS

As a doctor there are multiple career pathways open to you through specialities, ranging from general practice to anaesthesia. Choosing your medical speciality is an important but dauting decision, with a wide range of factors influencing your choice. From assessing the skills your already possess to the areas that capture your interest, there are numerous […]

Debate: Should abortion be legal in the UK?

One of the most common debate in the medical sector in the UK revolves around abortion. It’s an emotive topic and both sides of the argument are passionate about their stance. So, as a professional which side of the fence do you fall and does it impact on the care you deliver? Abortion has been […]

Is it unnecessary to finish the entire course of antibiotics?

Experts have argued that it is unnecessary to finish the entire course of antibiotics despite official guidance from the NHS stating it is essential the entirety of the course is finished in order for the treatment to be successful. An opinion piece from the British Medical Journal (BMJ) argues that there is simply not enough […]

News: Could every childhood vaccine soon be given in a single jab?

An innovative new technology may mean that multiple vaccinations for children could be a thing of the past. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have begun developing a unique, new method that could deliver multiple inoculations in just a single injection. The advanced technology works by storing multiple vaccinations in micro particles made of […]

How useful are public health campaigns?

Public Health England utilises many different marketing campaigns in order to promote health and wellbeing. From healthy eating campaigns and encouraging smokers to quit in order to improve lifestyle to awareness campaigns surrounding what to do in the event of witnessing someone having a stroke and cancer signs. They have a whole host of different […]

Who makes decisions about NHS funding?

The NHS was first launched back in 1948, and was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available, for free, to everyone – regardless of their wealth. The NHS deals with over one million patients every 36 hours, and covers all treatments from emergency to routine screenings, antenatal screenings and end-of-life […]