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Our doctors, medical students and application experts will guide you through the entire process on a completely 1-to-1 basis tailored to your needs. Have medical experts walk you through each aspect of your application and answer all your questions.

Does applying to study medicine seem overwhelming? We are here to help you. 

We tailor each tutoring session to what will give you the most benefit, to ensure you get into the best UK medical schools.

  • Personal Statement

  • Success in Interviews

  • Which Medical School?

  • One Key Tip

  • UniMed Expert on BBC2

  • Medical Work Experience

Tuition Topics Covered

General Application Tutoring

This is your opportunity to have a valuable 1-on-1 session with an expert to discuss any aspect of the medicine application and have every question answered in a private scenario.

The sessions are bespoke to whatever you wish to cover, for example:

  • What medical school you should apply to
  • How you can meet the entry requirements
  • How the UCAS application system works
  • Do you have the right skills and experience, and how to get more medical work experience
  • What life as a medical student and as a doctor really entails, and is it the right path for you
  • How you apply for graduate entry medicine
  • How to apply to study medicine in a UK university from abroad

It is completely up to you what you choose to cover in your private general application tutoring session. We will facilitate whatever you require to maximise your potential and get into your top choice medical school!

  • 1 Hour
    Medical School Application Tutoring
  • 5 Hours
    Medical School Application Tutoring

Personal Statement Tutoring

UniMed’s team of doctors, medical students and application experts know exactly what universities are looking for in your personal statement. They will tailor your personal statement session to fit your specific needs, whether you need help on where to start or whether you need help finishing a final draft.

For example, you may request to cover the following:

  • What you should include in your personal statement
  • How to plan your first draft medicine personal statement using the secret success statement structure
  • How to maximise your individual work experience, skills and extra-curricular activities
  • Polishing off a final draft and correcting spelling and grammar
  • Cutting out large amounts of text from the statement whilst retaining its integrity
  • 1 Hour
    Personal Statement Tutoring
  • 5 Hours
    Personal Statement Tutoring

Interview Tutoring

The medical school interview is the final hurdle, our experts can ensure you pass with flying colours. We will tailor your session to the specific medical schools you are interviewing with and ensure you can handle every question with confidence so that you may perform to the best of your ability.

In your 1-on-1 session your tutor will teach you tried and tested techniques for success and practice with you until you feel completely confident and prepared for your important interview.

The session is bespoke to what you require, and may include:

  • Traditional interview techniques
  • MMI interview techniques
  • Oxbridge interview techniques
  • Interview techniques for your specific medical school
  • Full mock interviews
  • How to behave during the interview
  • What’s going on in current medical and NHS news
  • How to answer ethical questions
  • Questions you should ask the interviewer about their medical school
  • 1 Hour
    Medical School Interview Tutoring
  • 5 Hours
    Medical School Interview Tutoring

Make the most of your time at home!

We will design and tailor a tuition programme to suit your individual needs. We can accommodate anything from a single hour of tutoring to a year-long course of regular private medical application tuition.

  • Private tuition with some of the UK’s top medical students and doctors starts at £57 per hour.
  • Discounts are available when purchasing 5+ hours.

Tuition will be held via:

  • Skype

  • Telephone

  • E-mail

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