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What to expect from your first few months at medical school

Attending school in a different city, away from home, can be overwhelming enough without having to consider a heavy course load in a highly competitive environment. It’s the perfect recipe to leave you feeling stressed and unprepared. Rather than let panic set in, go in prepared with our overview of what to expect from your […]

Should women be offered smear tests at home?

A radical theory on how to encourage women to take their smear test has been published in the British Medical Journal. It suggests that women who miss a GP appointment for a smear test would be more likely to submit the test, if it were provided as a self- sample kit to do at home. […]

The best websites to keep up to date with the latest medical news

As part of the application process for a place at one of the UK’s many medical schools, you’ll be expected to show that you’re keeping up to date with the latest news from the medical industry during a face-to-face interview. But subscribing to medical journals and digests can be pricey, so we’ve uncovered four of […]

Ways to avoid burn out

Medical school demands are intense, both physically and mentally and this can be quite an adjustment for new students. There is a lot of pressure to get a lot of work done in a short period of time, and more often than not, this can lead to burnout. Not only will this affect your productivity […]

Get into medical school

The grades you achieve at A-level will impact on which university you attend and which course you’re accepted to but the strength of your medical school application is also critical and will determine how (and where) you begin your medical career. The competitive nature of the field means it is essential that your application stands […]

What is the training pathway after medical school?

When you’re training to be a doctor and you’re coming up to the end of your medical school education, there are multiple training pathways to choose from. Which option is best for you, depends on your circumstances, goals, and your learning style. Pathways tend to change each year, with multiple different entry points to consider […]

The importance of evidence based practice medicine

Whether you’re training to become a healthcare professional or you’re a veteran of the industry, you’re likely to be frequently using evidence based practice medicine. It’s an essential way for ensuring that patients always receive the best level of care with their situation in mind. What is evidence based practice medicine? Evidence based medicine, or […]

What could gene therapy make possible?

Not too long ago, gene therapy would have sounded like something out of science fiction. But it’s a process that’s rapidly becoming viable to treat a huge range of conditions. The potential successful gene therapy holds means it could unlock a whole new chapter in modern medicine. What is gene therapy? Gene therapy uses nucleic […]

News: Combining HIV antibodies successful

Billions of pounds have been invested into HIV research around the world and a breakthrough has been made – HIV antibodies have successfully been combined, potentially paving the way for a cure to the infection being found, In the UK, HIV affects over 100,000 people, around 0.16% of the population, although, worryingly, more than one […]

Are these diagnostic kits the future?

At the moment, the diagnosis process can seem longwinded and the options you have available aren’t always exactly what you need. But a new tool could soon change that by allowing professionals to quickly and cheaply build up the diagnostic test that they need. While it’s still in the early stages of development and is […]