Unfortunately for those looking to start their academic career in the medical sector, the fight to secure a place is tougher than ever as an estimated fifty applicants are vying for one space on degree courses.

This has led to potential students with good grades losing out on a place on their medical degree course and wondering where it all went wrong.

So, what is the secret to bolstering your chances of being accepted for a place at medical school?

Here’s a few elements of the University admissions process that could make all the difference when it comes to your medical school application, so read on to discover what you’ll need to do in order to give yourself the best possible chance of acceptance.

Personal statement

You might have great grades, but your personal statement might let your application down at the first hurdle. This is your opportunity to discuss your motivations and commitment for wanting to study medicine, so you need to go all out to ensure that your enthusiasm for the subject shines through.

BMAT and UKCAT aptitude tests

Another area where would-be students can encounter difficulties is the BMAT and UKCAT aptitude tests. These tests are designed to assess your mental abilities, but many find them daunting as this is the first time that they’ve taken part in anything like these tests.

The Interview

All interviews can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also the best opportunity you’ll get to wow the admissions officer with your insight into current healthcare issues and re-affirm your desire to make it in the medical profession. Even a candidate with the best grades can feel overwhelmed during the interview, so knowing what to expect at this stage is a big bonus.

Work Experience

Getting work experience in the medical sector can be tricky, but many Universities want to see that you’ve had some type of insight in a work capacity when they view your application. Knowing where to look and how to gain this experience can be crucial to getting accepted on to your medical degree, so it pays to reach out for help in this area.

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