Statistics have shown that those looking to gain a place at a medical school here in the UK are going to have to work even harder as application numbers in 2018 soared by the largest increase in decades.

UCAS reported a total of 20,730 applications being made to medical schools during the 2017/2018 application cycle. This equals an 8% increase in applications for their medical degree courses compared to previous years on record, meaning that there are now far more applicants than available spaces.

These findings are worrying those who are currently undertaking their A Levels and are dreaming of continuing their academic careers with a focus on the medical profession once they complete their studies.

With GPs and healthcare professionals in high demand for the NHS and private healthcare providers, many universities are unable to train enough students to meet the ever-increasing needs of a system under significant strain. Medical schools are therefore becoming more and more selective about the applicants they choose to study on their medical degree courses.

This means that good A-Level grades are no longer enough to secure a place at medical school, and would-be medical students must find  other ways to impress during the application process to fend off the competition.

Here are a few tactics that applicants to medical school can deploy to get their application noticed for all of the right reasons and get a better chance of gaining that prized place at medical school.

Work experience

Applications to medical school normally require that some sort of medical work experience, but this can be very difficult to obtain. Instead, Uni Med offers a Doctor for the Day training workshop led by medical professional that allows you to get hands-on with basic medical procedures.

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Personal Statement

A personal statement needs to wow the application officers, so our personal statement workshop teaches the format and tips needed to create a winning personal statement and leave with a polished first draft.

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The Interview Stage

It can be difficult to know what to expect at the interview stage, but with our interview masterclass, we’ll share plenty of firsthand insight along with the tools and techniques needed to make a great impression at the final stage of the application process.

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